March 23, 2012

Coming soon: Evernote meets Symbian

Evernote is a fantastic note-taking service, and one of its strengths is that it’s available on a lot of platforms. Nevertheless, Symbian has always lacked a proper Evernote client1. Till now.

Notekeeper is a Qt app I have developed that acts as an Evernote client for Symbian Anna / Belle devices. Key features are:

  • Notes can be created / edited even without an internet connection; changes will be pushed to Evernote during the next sync
  • Supports notebooks, tags
  • Lets you search for a note
  • Can access rich text notes (but these notes are not freely editable)
  • Can see images in notes (but cannot add / remove images, for now2)
  • Supports favourite notes and offline notebooks

Notekeeper preview

Notekeeper: Start screen, Plain text note and Rich text note

I’m currently testing and bugfixing the app. I hope to get it published in the Nokia┬áStore in about a week or so as a paid app. I’m also considering┬ámaking a trial version for people to try before buying.

The app uses a Qt/C++ backend to talk to the Evernote Cloud API, and wraps it all up with a UI designed with QML and Qt Quick Components. Many thanks to Evernote for offering a complete, well-designed and free API to access their service, which makes it possible to create an app like this.

Update Apr 7, 2012: Notekeeper has launched. Trial version is undergoing QA.

  1. Not counting WRT widgets like this and this []
  2. Adding / removing images is planned for the next release []

4 Responses to “Coming soon: Evernote meets Symbian”

  1. Debayan says:

    You guys should blog more often! Nice post. Are you guys thinking of developing for the Windows phone as well?

  2. roop says:

    Hi, Debayan, thanks.
    No, WP7 already has a great Evernote client available for free. I do have plans to port this to the N9, though.

  3. rambler says:

    Do you guys realize symbian is dead? It’s not part of Qt5 even. I am curious as to what is the rationale for this?

  4. roop says:

    @rambler: I thought your question deserved a detailed answer. So, a new blog post:

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